Introducing xTAROT: Unlocking the True Value of Community-Driven Governance

We present our unified vision for the xTAROT staking & governance program, as we move toward fully decentralized governance with Tarot DAO.

  • Earn TAROT rewards from protocol revenue
  • Enhanced yield by supplying staked TAROT in lending pools
  • Increased liquidity across multiple lending pools
  • Collateralization via the composable xTAROT token
  • Participation in Tarot DAO governance
  • Stake xTAROT in partner-incentivized pools for additional rewards

Fee Distribution

  • 50% → Remain in protocol reserves (as bTAROT and tTokens)
  • 50% → Buy back and distribute TAROT to xTAROT holders

Staking TAROT for xTAROT

xTAROT Rewards


  • Self sustaining
  • Community governed
  • Governance minimized
  • Modular and flexible



Tarot is a decentralized lending protocol on Fantom Opera.

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