Tarot DAO: Governance Guide

We present the guide to participation in Tarot DAO governance.

2 min readJan 15, 2022

Governance Process

Tarot DAO governance follows a four-step process:

  1. Pending Proposal
  2. Discussion
  3. Snapshot Vote
  4. Implementation

Pending Proposal

The first step in the governance process will be for Tarot community members to make and discuss pending proposals in the #🏛-governance channel of the Tarot Discord. A pending proposal can be made whenever you want to present an idea to the community. Anyone in the Tarot community is allowed to make and discuss pending proposals. Even if you do not have enough xTAROT voting weight, xTAROT holders may see a pending proposal and incorporate its structure into a Snapshot vote.

Proposals should follow the template in TIP-000: Purpose and Guidelines.


There should be ample time to discuss pending proposals prior to voting. You should make sure the community is sufficiently informed and engaged enough to support your pending proposal by discussing it in the Tarot Discord.

Snapshot Vote

After the community has sufficient time to discuss the merits of a pending proposal, the next step is to create a Snapshot vote. At this time, TIP editors will structure pending proposals into TIPs and submit them to vote.tarot.to. There will eventually be a minimum threshold of xTAROT voting weight in order for anyone to be able to submit a proposal.

Anyone can allocate their xTAROT voting weight towards the choices in the proposal during the voting period. For a simple two-choice voting system, if a majority of xTAROT voting weight signals “Yes” for a proposal at the end of the voting period, then it has been approved for implementation.


If the proposal is approved, this means it has passed community governance and is now prioritized for implementation. This signals to the Tarot team to roll out the implementation of the proposal at their discretion as and when it becomes feasible.

If rejected, this means the proposal has failed to reach community consensus.

Future Developments

Once a system for fully on-chain governance with xTAROT as the governance token is established, we anticipate proposals will be automatically adopted and deployed by the governance system. Ownership of the governance system may be transferred to an on-chain DAO which controls farm weights, parameter configuration, and new lending pools in the Tarot Protocol.




Tarot is a multi-chain decentralized lending protocol.