Tarot Jupiter: Lending & Leveraged Yield Farming for Stable Pairs

We introduce Solidly-compatible sAMM lending pools, powered by the new Tarot Jupiter core.

2 min readNov 7, 2022

We are thrilled to introduce the deployment of the Tarot Jupiter core, with support for Solidly stable lending pools. New pools launched on the Tarot Jupiter core will feature complete support for leveraged yield farming and autocompounding of Solidly sAMM LP.

Introducing Tarot Jupiter

Pools powered by the Tarot Jupiter core have many key benefits:

  • Leveraged yield farming on Solidly sAMM pairs (capable of up to 49x leverage for certain sAMM pairs)
  • Optimal reinvest into sAMM LP for maximum autocompounding rewards
  • Triple-slope interest rate model with optimal utilization range (default of 80% to 90%)
  • Up to ~150% Supply APRs for lending individual tokens
  • Cheaper autocompounding fees than other vaults (currently 4%)
  • Low, 0.01% one-time borrow fee
  • Updated collateralization model with reduced default safety margin for stable pairs (currently 108%)
  • Updated V2 price oracle for Solidly pairs, with dynamic windows using built-in observations (avg. 30 minutes, min. 15 minutes, max ~45 minutes for active pairs)

In addition to a 1% liquidation incentive for stable pools, a 0.5% protocol liquidation fee is applied, for a total liquidation penalty of 1.5%.

To help ensure timely autocompounding of deposited sAMM LP, the permissionless reinvest bounty is increased from 1% to 2%, along with a 2% protocol reinvest fee, for a total reinvest fee of 4%.

What is Solidly?

Solidly is an all-in-one decentralized exchange (DEX) architecture, which combines volatile (vAMM) and stable (sAMM) pools in a familiar UniswapV2 interface.

What are sAMM Pairs?

Stable AMM (sAMM) pairs natively support swaps between closely-correlated assets via an updated “stable” curve. Unlike the standard invariant for volatile pairs, this curve allows for much greater capital efficiency when swapping between like assets.

Which DEXs are based on Solidly?

Solidly-type DEXs include Velodrome on Optimism and SpiritSwap V2 on Fantom, along with the upcoming Solidly on Ethereum.

With the launch of Jupiter, Tarot is now feature-complete with Solidly, as all Solidly pairs are supported. As new Solidly-type DEXs are deployed, Tarot is well-positioned to offer its legendary lending and leveraged yield farming experience across many chains.

As Jupiter rises, the new era of yield continues.

Join us to discover DeFi’s most advanced leveraged yield farming experience:




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