Tarot Price Oracle: On-Chain & Manipulation-Resistant

We introduce a highly secure price oracle for token pairs on Fantom Opera, designed for robustness and reusability by other DeFi projects.

Introduction To Price Oracles

The Tarot Price Oracle

  • Accessibility
    On-chain and permissionless, so anyone can access them
  • Accuracy
    Ensured by smart contract to always calculate prices according to a consistent formula
  • Availability
    Highly available due to their decentralized nature
  • Completeness
    Anyone can add arbitrary token pairs from multiple DEXs
  • Consistency
    Consistent with off-chain market data for highly liquid token pairs
  • Robustness
    Able to withstand and overcome adverse scenarios
  • Timeliness
    Guaranteed by smart contract to represent reality at the required point in time
initialize(address uniswapV2Pair)
getResult(address uniswapV2Pair)

Oracle Risks And Security Considerations

Pricing LP Tokens



Tarot is a decentralized lending protocol on Fantom Opera.

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