$TAROT Token Distribution Details: Part One

The launch of $TAROT will be one of the most fair in DeFi.

2 min readJun 1, 2021


Justice is the sword that cuts through any situation. Justice will not be swayed when deciding what is fair and just. The fairest decision will be made.

The $TAROT Token

$TAROT is a fixed-supply ERC-20 governance token for the Tarot Protocol.

We intend to set a new standard for public token distribution. A robust tokenomics model is being developed to ensure sustained growth of the Tarot Protocol for years to come.

Initial Liquidity

To start, a portion of the total $TAROT supply will be distributed via an initial liquidity bootstrapping event. Part of these tokens will be immediately available, with the rest vesting over time. The entirety of funds generated from the event will be used to create a permanently-locked liquidity pool.


Along with the launch of the liquidity pool, an airdrop will be distributed to liquidity providers in the Fantom ecosystem.

Additionally, a portion of the $TAROT supply will be allocated to community members. These tokens will be airdropped to Tarot supporters and early users of the protocol.

Liquidity Mining Rewards

A majority of the total supply will be allocated to a multi-year liquidity mining program. These tokens will be distributed as rewards for those who use leverage or borrow using the Tarot Protocol.

Protocol Growth & Development

The remainder of the tokens will be allocated for protocol growth and development, and will receive distributions over a multi-year period.

We believe that a fair token launch is essential for the long-term success of the Tarot Protocol. More information, including token distribution percentages and decentralized governance details, will be revealed soon.

Justice will prevail.

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Tarot is a multi-chain decentralized lending protocol.