Tarot Video Contest: Lights, Camera, Action!

Following the adoption of , we are excited to announce our first marketing endeavor, the Tarot Video Contest.

This video contest will help support and amplify the voices of our most dedicated community members, and promote and drive awareness of the Tarot Protocol in the broader crypto and DeFi communities.


The concept for this inaugural YouTube video contest is broad and includes any content related to Tarot. For example:

  • Overview of the Tarot Protocol
  • Leveraged yield farming and other Tarot strategies
  • Tarot’s deployment on Optimism

Selection of contest winners will occur in approximately two weeks (on or about September 9, 2022).


A total prize pool of 20,000 TAROT will be distributed to the three community members who produce the best videos:

  • 1st prize: 12,500 TAROT
  • 2nd prize: 5,000 TAROT
  • 3rd prize: 2,500 TAROT

How to Participate

Tarot community members are encouraged to share and discuss in the newly-launched channel of the . This channel is for community members to share anything that promotes Tarot, which can include tweets and threads on Twitter, videos on YouTube, articles on Medium, and other helpful content.

The Tarot community welcomes you!

Join us:



Tarot is a decentralized lending protocol on Fantom Opera.

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