Tarot xStaking: Partner-Incentivized xTAROT Staking Pools

We introduce the new xStaking pools, available exclusively to xTAROT holders.

Over 4,000,000 TAROT has been staked in xTAROT following its debut, just three weeks ago.

With xStaking, xTAROT holders will now have the opportunity to stake xTAROT and earn additional tokens from partner-incentivized staking pools over time.

xStaking enables xTAROT holders to:

  • Continue to earn TAROT through the xTAROT-TAROT Distribution Interlink
  • Participate in Tarot DAO governance through xTAROT
  • Earn additional yield from xStaking pool token rewards

Fantom Rewards

You may have already heard: the Fantom Foundation has generously committed 370,000,000 FTM to protocols in the Fantom ecosystem. Tarot is thrilled to announce its participation in this program.

With many thanks to the Fantom Foundation, the launch of xStaking shall be commemorated with an inaugural xStaking tFTM rewards pool, exclusively available to xTAROT holders.

Stake xTAROT, Earn tFTM

Along with TAROT earned through Supply Vault mechanics and the protocol fee Distribution Interlink, staked xTAROT in this pool earns tFTM rewards. The earned tFTM continuously earns FTM, resulting in triple yield through a single deposit.

When does xStaking begin?

The tFTM pool reward emissions will start on Monday, December 20th at 19:30 GMT.

Users can now stake xTAROT in the inaugural xStaking tFTM pool, prior to the start of reward emissions.

You can find the xStaking tFTM pool here: https://www.tarot.to/stake

What is xTAROT?

xTAROT is the gateway for on-chain governance and fee distribution of the Tarot Protocol.

More information on xTAROT staking and governance can be found here:
Introducing xTAROT: Unlocking the True Value of Community-Driven Governance

What is tFTM?

Similar to the mechanics of interest-bearing tokens, tTokens like tFTM continuously earn yield across multiple lending pools in Tarot over time. Since tFTM is like a receipt token, users can use them to unstake and receive a share of FTM from the Tarot FTM Supply Vault.

More information on Supply Vaults and tTokens can be found here:
Tarot Supply Vaults

Join us to discover DeFi’s most advanced staking experience:



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