The Tarot Liquidity Generation Event: LGE Recap

We distill last week’s spectacular debut of the TAROT token.

Rites are performed. Spells are chanted. Among the audience, a keen awareness grows. Much more than mere prestidigitation, real magic has been witnessed.

The Liquidity Generation Event

The LGE is an innovative concept pioneered by Tarot.

The massively successful Tarot LGE was used to fairly distribute 3,200,000 TAROT to the community, claimable by all LGE participants over a one year period.

During the LGE

The LGE lasted 72 hours. LGE participants were able to deposit FTM into the LGE smart contract at any time. At the end of the event, finalization occurred and the LGE contract delivered 2,500,000 TAROT, along with the total amount of FTM deposited, to deep liquidity for the FTM-TAROT pairs on SpookySwap and SpiritSwap.

Subsequently, claims for the LGE participants’ distribution began. Each participant’s proportional share of 3,200,000 TAROT is claimable over one year.

LGE Facts

  • Number of deposits: 539
  • Unique addresses: 401
  • Largest deposit: 30,000 FTM
  • 501,374 FTM and 1,725,000 TAROT added to SpookySwap
  • 225,255 FTM and 775,000 TAROT added to SpiritSwap

The transaction cost to finalize the entire LGE and deliver liquidity to the DEXs was only 0.2748045 FTM.

The FTM-TAROT LP tokens from the LGE are now locked for a minimum of 180 days from finalization.

The LGE is an innovative mechanism that enables fair participation and direct, efficient initial liquidity generation for the next generation of decentralized projects.

Event Details
LGE Contract

With the LGE successfully finalized, we look towards the future.

Join us:




Tarot is a decentralized lending protocol on Fantom Opera.

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Tarot is a decentralized lending protocol on Fantom Opera.

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