The Tower: Direct Incentives for Tarot Lenders

We introduce The Tower, a powerful new system for direct supply incentives in Tarot lending pools.

3 min readMay 12, 2023

What is The Tower?

A high-level overview:

  • Stake bTAROT in a Tower pool to earn rewards
  • Emissions for Tower pools incentivize supply in Tarot lending pools
  • 7-day duration for targeted supply APR boosts with minimal emissions
  • Support for multiple reward tokens and partner co-incentives

For the first time, in certain lending pools, suppliers in the Tarot ecosystem will be eligible to receive rewards beyond the base yield earned for supplying tokens. The Tower helps to attract more suppliers and deep liquidity in Tarot, while reducing the burden of unnecessary reward emissions and/or supplying significant quantities of protocol-held tokens to bootstrap newly-launched lending pools. The Tower achieves this by directing highly-targeted rewards toward supplied tokens (in the form of bTAROT) in eligible lending pools.

The Tower Mechanics

Stake your bTAROT receipt tokens in an eligible Tower pool to earn rewards. The rewards may be in the form of ARB, ETH, USDC, TAROT, or any other token.

Typically, Tower pools will emit rewards for anywhere from one to four weeks to maximally incentivize early suppliers. You can unstake and withdraw your bTAROT tokens from a Tower pool at any time with no lockup and no impermanent loss. Your bTAROT will continue to earn the underlying supply rate while it is deposited in a Tower pool. The Tower also utilizes a flexible multi-reward structure to allow for co-incentives with other protocol partners, enabling Tarot to more effectively launch partner lending pools for any token pair.

The Tower for the Ramses ARB/USDC Lending Pool

We’re excited to announce that ARB and USDC rewards will commence for the first set of Tower pools, incentivizing supply in the Ramses vAMMARB/USDC lending pool.

Over $1,000 of ARB and USDC rewards will be distributed over 7 days to suppliers of ARB and USDC in the Ramses vAMMARB/USDC lending pool on Tarot.

How to Enter The Tower

1. Navigate to the lending pool on Tarot:

2. Click Lend to see the options for lending the underlying tokens in the pair.

3a. Supply ARB to receive the bTAROT receipt token for ARB.

3b. Supply USDC to receive the bTAROT receipt token for USDC.

4. Navigate to The Tower here:

5a. Deposit your bTAROT (ARB) to earn ARB rewards. 500 ARB will be distributed over 7 days to depositors in the Tower pool for ARB.

5b. Deposit your bTAROT (USDC) to earn USDC rewards. 500 USDC will be distributed over 7 days to depositors in the Tower pool for USDC.

As an example of the potential for boosted yield opportunities, 25,000 USDC deposited as bTAROT in The Tower would result in an APR boost of over 104% (~183% APY) for supplying USDC!

We’re excited to see The Tower drive significantly more supply to Tarot lending pools over the coming weeks and months.

Join us and discover the new era of yield:




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