TIP-001: Parameter Adjustments
TIP-002: Spirit Boosted Pool Migration

✅ = Complete
☑️ = Partially Complete

TIP-001: Parameter Adjustments

✅ Adjust Speed — Enables more responsive rates

The adjustment speed parameters for all pools except the FTM-TAROT, FTM-TOMB, and FTM-TSHARE pools have been set to 17.28% per day.

The adjustment speed parameters for the FTM-TAROT, FTM-TOMB, and FTM-TSHARE pools remain at 43.20%…

Governance Process

Tarot DAO governance follows a four-step process:

  1. Pending Proposal
  2. Discussion
  3. Snapshot Vote
  4. Implementation

Pending Proposal

The first step in the governance process will be for Tarot community members to make and discuss pending proposals in the #🏛-governance channel of the Tarot Discord. A pending proposal can be made whenever you want to…

Tarot is excited to announce a new strategic partnership with SpiritSwap, starting with support for SpiritSwap’s boosted farms in the Tarot Protocol. Since inception, Tarot has been deeply integrated with SpiritSwap, bringing significant liquidity to SpiritSwap through leveraged yield farming and generating deep protocol-owned liquidity for our own FTM-TAROT pair.

Over 4,000,000 TAROT has been staked in xTAROT following its debut, just three weeks ago.

With xStaking, xTAROT holders will now have the opportunity to stake xTAROT and earn additional tokens from partner-incentivized staking pools over time.

xStaking enables xTAROT holders to:

  • Continue to earn TAROT through the xTAROT-TAROT Distribution…

The Tarot Farming Rewards program has distributed over 11,000,000 TAROT (11% of the total supply) to borrowers in the Tarot Protocol over the past 16 weeks.

Looking forward to the next phase of Tarot’s growth, this latest Farming Rewards update includes 7 new farming-enabled pools and changes to existing share…

The flame of a single candle flickers gently as the ceremony begins. The time has come.

Staked TAROT (xTAROT) is the gateway for on-chain governance of the Tarot Protocol.

With xTAROT, stakeholders will govern and shape the future of Tarot. This includes the ongoing maintenance of key parameters, fees, and…

The mechanism of synchronicity manifests when symbols harmoniously coalesce. Unity is achieved.

The following Supply Vaults are now open for staking:

  • Tarot FTM Supply Vault (tFTM)
  • Tarot USDC Supply Vault (tUSDC)

With Supply Vaults, users can automatically earn yield across multiple lending pools, with a single deposit. Supply Vaults use…

As with the seer’s cards, the turning of fertile soil adumbrates harvests to come. The farmer smiles, knowingly.

After a successful first month of farming, the Tarot Farming Rewards program has been updated. This update includes an additional thirteen farming-enabled pools in Tarot and new share weights, serving to further…

Rites are performed. Spells are chanted. Among the audience, a keen awareness grows. Much more than mere prestidigitation, real magic has been witnessed.

The Liquidity Generation Event

The LGE is an innovative concept pioneered by Tarot.

The massively successful Tarot LGE was used to fairly distribute 3,200,000 TAROT to the community, claimable by all…

Farming is not only tied to the turning of the seasons. Fields are not only of the earth.

The Tarot Farming Rewards program is an ambitious, multi-year liquidity mining program that will distribute 59% of the total supply of TAROT to borrowers and leveraged yield farmers in the Tarot Protocol.


Tarot is a decentralized lending protocol on Fantom Opera.

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